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  1. 1.2l Solex 35 pdsi won't idle

    General Discussions
    My 1979 Kadett C 1.2l won't idle on it's own for more than a couple seconds without the choke, and neither the volume control nor the mixture screws seem to affect anything at all. The car runs and drives great apart from this. The carb is squeaky clean inside, it has a brand new gasket set...
  2. Stalling after lead Additive

    Hey everyone- first post! Disclaimer- I'm very new to all things mechanical so bear with me. I have a 74' Opel Manta (automatic) that was my great grandmothers. Instead of letting it rust out on my mothers property, I decided to fix 'er up. We even hit our 24,000th mile today! (Started at...
  3. A few minor problems

    Factory Fuel Injection
    Hi guys, so i have a few problems that i would need a solution to, and since i have no one to work with on the car, this will do just fine SO back to business, the car is a 1988 manta 2.0E cih with the LE-jetronic. backround info the engine's been rebuilt during last fall. Problems: temperature...
  4. Suddenly no idle

    6E - Tune Up
    Here is the problem. Driving around... All is well. Suddenly when I stop the idle just drops to zero. Restart, drive, stop, again drops and quits. After a few times all goes back to normal. Idles, drives fine until next time. Any suggestions? Also sputter at high RPM' ... May not be related...
  5. Poor running off idle

    Aftermarket Down-draft carbs
    Have a 73 GT with Weber carb. Replace points today and pulled carb off Cleaned with carb cleaner and blew off and out with compressed air, but have not taken it apart yet. blew all the old gas out of the lines and refilled with fresh gas. car starts great and idles great but as soon as i give it...