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  1. 3B - Steering: Linkage, Column and Gear Box
    I am 1-1/2 years into the GT rebuild, and I can not remember where I put the keys to the car. Senior moment I guess. I decided to remove the cylinder, but the instructions require turning the key, which I don't have. Being as the key should match the door keys, I looked at the codes on the...
  2. 1B - Ignition System
    what screws do I need to secure my vacuum advance to the distributor? I seem to have misplaced the old ones and after going through my garage I was unable to find them.
  3. General Discussions
    I have a '72 GT that is being restored, and I have a locked ignition cylinder (can't turn the steering wheel) and no key for the ignition. I got keys made for the doors, but they don't match. Is this something a locksmith should be able to help me with, or can I remove/replace the ignition...
  4. 1A - Starting and Charging System
    I've read the tips, have the manual, and looked at a few threads. Are there any videos or step by step on changing the ignition switch and adding the relay on my '73 GT? Hoping to ease the pain... Thanks, Larry
  5. Performance
    This post can be used for electronic ignition and/or EFI. The 36-1 is simple enough. 35 teeth with one missing. With this tone ring you'll see a rising and a trailing edge from the VR sensor. This will result with 70 signals to the 'puter per 360 rotation. AKA every 5.14 degrees of crankshaft...
  6. Opel Tips & Tricks
    Just Like the title says Lady and germs... Share your favorite bookmarks. lets make this thread a treasure trove of quick hitting links... Lets try to keep it short and sweet, if you like the link, please no need to comment, just click like.... Of course constructive posts are just fine. Lets...
  7. 3B - Steering: Linkage, Column and Gear Box
    Hello Everyone, I need a replacement ignition lock cylinder (w/key) as well as the cylindrical housing that it fits into (contains the column lock and mounts the ignition switch) for a 1972 GT. Some joker worked mine over with a screwdriver, and it no longer requires a key to unlock. If you...
  8. 1B - Ignition System
    Does anyone know who makes a one wire distributor like the GM HEI style for the 1970 opel gt 1.9?
  9. 6E - Tune Up
    I have a 1972 Opel GT and today i was able to get it to crank over and start for a minute or two but then she dies. I think its a fuel delivery problem. I plan on ordering a new fuel pump because the seals on the one now are going out leaking gas slowly into the crankcase. I was wondering if i...
1-9 of 9 Results