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  1. GT
    i am 18 and im thinking of buying and importing 1.1L 1969 opel gt from america to England. i already own a 1.9L 1972 gt but cant afford to insure it until i have some NCB on my record. my cheapest quote for the 1.1L was £900 when i selected uk spec European model but when i selected american...
  2. General Opel GT Discussions
    A big G'DAY to all you Opel GT fans. I am a classic Holden man myself but have recently got the urge to buy a sporty small car (I think this came from my brother who, although a Holden man, has owned both a mint Datsun 1600SSS and a 260Z) from our cousins at Opel. The American 1.9L Opel GT...
1-2 of 2 Results