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  1. Opel GT - 24 Hours of LeMons
    Me and a buddy just recently purchased two GTs from Cheyenne for a nice $500. One is a '73, runs and drives (although we haven't put a battery in it yet) and as it appears complete even with real shady floor patches welded in. The other was a '70 "parts car", giant rust holes, no engine, what...
  2. Opel GT - 24 Hours of LeMons
    OK, I hope I don't draw a lot of wrath on this forum for my project, but just wanted to post about my Lemons/Chump/who knows what else low budget race car. First - let me be clear that when I got the car it had already been hacked to within an inch of its life so it was NEVER going to be a...
  3. Opel GT - 24 Hours of LeMons
    Many of the photos we've seen of the GT racing or otherwise demonstrating its handling abilities also show an awful lot of body roll. Also, for what I have read this car pushes a lot! Sportier suspension components are available, but a LeMons car has a budget that makes buying any of that...
1-3 of 3 Results