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  1. 1C - Lighting and Signal Systems
    So I was driving back on the highway the other night and I turned my headlights on. Immediately the lights went out and my car refused to switch back to the low beams. I thought it was the switch in the steering column, so I replaced that. No difference. I checked the relays (I still get the...
  2. 1C - Lighting and Signal Systems
    I've got a 1971 Opel GT with electrical problems. Recently, my driver's side parking lamps and side markers stopped working. The headlights both still work and all the passenger side lights still work properly. The driver's side lights come on when I apply the brakes and turn on the left...
  3. New lights

    Here's a set of Gil's rather trick rear lights...going to have to add some red reflectors to keep John Law happy :(
1-3 of 3 Results