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  1. Getting an amazing deal on a 1972 Manta A Rallye 1.9... but there's a solid amount of rust.

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    tl;dr: Is this Manta A worth getting with the current rust condition? I don't mind waiting a bit to start major work in the future. Hello members of the forum, this is my first time posting even thou I've hovered around before. As stated in the title I'm getting an amazing deal on a 1972 Manta...
  2. D'OBrien's 1974 Manta Rallye - First Opel!

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    I purchased my Manta in August 2019 when I was 17 years old (18 now) for $3,500. I have dreamed of owning an Opel for about 4 years now (coming from a family of American muscle car lovers haha). I got a job for the sole purpose of being able to buy an Opel as soon as possible, and I knew I had...