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  1. 1970 Opel GT for sale

    Cars For Sale
    Hi All - I am selling my Opel GT. If you are interested, please let me know. you can see a video here: and listing on FB here: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/322768248685528/?ref=messenger_banner This is a fun little car! 1970 Opel GT. The guy I bought it from had it for years and...
  2. 1970 Opel GT for Sale on Bring a Trailer

    Cars For Sale
    My 1970 Opel GT is ending in 2 hours on BAT at 11:23 a.m. Pacific time. If you are interested, you may want to take a look at it.
  3. MY GT

    MY GT

    Any body repairs were done with fabricated sheet metal. Top-to-bottom, all new parts. Get in touch at: [email protected]
  4. MY GT

    MY GT

    100 spoke wire wheels Get in touch at: [email protected]
  5. MY GT

    MY GT

    All chrome replaced. Get in touch at: [email protected]
  6. MY GT

    MY GT

    Been restoring this car for about 30 years. Any body repairs were done with fabricated sheet metal. All documentation available. Get in touch at: [email protected]
  7. MY 1973 GT for sale

    MY 1973 GT for sale

    COMPLETE NEW INTERIOR, Katskin leather Get in touch at: [email protected]
  8. Calling all Opel Archaeologists.... Need someone to put eyes on an Opel for me.

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    Made a new friend in Green Bay that has an Opel. He is on the lookout for a nice GT and came across one in Covington, Georgia area. Need to put some boots on the ground and do a little bit of reconnaissance for him. Any nice GT for that matter, let me know!!! Pretty nice Strato blue with...