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  1. 1973 Opel GT 1.9L

    Bought this car from an older guy who had no time to fix it up, rats had been living in the car longer than I have been alive. Not too bad of shape, however the engine doesn't run due to chewed wires and a blown head gasket and in need of some new spark plugs. Bought it for $1,300 and I am...
  2. Cars For Sale
    Very rare opportunity to own an OPEL GT in such a preserved condition. I have for sale 1970 OPEL GT with an original blue exterior paint and white interior. Here are the historical facts I found out for this vehicle. I know how valuable they are for the collectors. The car was bought brand...
  3. Cars Wanted
    Hello everyone! My name is Dani and I’m new to the world of Opel GTs but I am very interested in finding one to restore. I seem to have a affinity for small coupes and have fallen in love with these cars. I am located in Houston, TX area but am willing to entertain project cars that require more...
  4. Parts For Sale
    I have some old Opel GT parts in my New Jersey USA Garage attic. Hood, Front Bumper, Box of molding and trim pieces. 1972 I think. Looking to sell it all together. More photos if interested. Selling my home and moving soon. It must go to someone who needs and will love it. All gone! Fred
  5. Racers Forum
    I have a 1973 Opel GT that was raced in the mid-Atlantic area in the 90s. It was pulled out of storage some 20 years later and given to me. In 2016 I updated the cage a bit. Cleaned the fuel cell out, removed the lights, and added some small LEDs for night racing, plus to save the light pods...
  6. Parts For Sale
    For info go to : https://classicopels.com/marketplace/index.php?entry/13-opel-windshields/ Contact me via the ClassicOpels link
  7. Engine Swap Forum
    Is there a engine, transmission and rear axle that all fits together with out hacking whacking and modification and is fuel injected that will fit in a Opel gt?
  8. Parts For Sale
    Some rims off my project car. I don't know the details too much but they're in pretty good condition (some slight curb rash pictured) and wearing Sumic GT60A tires 195/60/R15. https://drive.google.com/open?id=10mBOZeRxJ429WqmQrz4yuqROESZ_8dMb...
  9. Parts Wanted
    Hello fellow Opelers,I'm looking for a gasket set for my Opel gt 1.9 engine,if anyone has a new set or can let me know where I can buy them,I would greatly appreciate this.Thank you
  10. Group 1 - Electrical
    Hello all, I recently purchased a 1970 GT. Most everything on the car is in good working order, but I have some issues with the dash and wondering if there's a common denominator. Let's begin with what works on the dash: Dash lights Battery gauge Clock What doesn't work: Speedo (mechanical...
  11. General Discussions
    https://youtu.be/XZ14gfCaQHw Opel GT for sale
  12. 1D - Wiring Diagrams
    Hello, all - new member, first time posting. I have a lovely 72 GT 1.9L that recently suffered a short behind the dash that was severe enough to cook the loom just past the firewall under the hood. At a minimum, I'm going to be replacing the harness behind the dash and under the hood as a...
  13. General Discussions
    Thank you all for your support for the past 18 years. Usa Opel will be open until 12 /24 and then closed for Christmas Day. Open from 12 26 to 12/31 too. If I can help you in any way let me know. Always glad to talk to Opel owners.
  14. General Discussions
    Since 1996 Usa Opel has been in the Opel parts and car sales. I started this company to give the Opel community a new and better source for good used parts and cars. At first there was no service and repair work as I started from my home in Fallbrook I started Usa Opel because I was charged...
  15. GT
    i am 18 and im thinking of buying and importing 1.1L 1969 opel gt from america to England. i already own a 1.9L 1972 gt but cant afford to insure it until i have some NCB on my record. my cheapest quote for the 1.1L was £900 when i selected uk spec European model but when i selected american...
  16. General Discussions
    Before I list it it is here in Lake Elsinore California clear title current registration 5 speed 2.2 L engine nice paint Ferro seats all digital instruments Power door locks power windows nice rims with big brake package NEW Die Hard battery (12 /13) electric cooling fan removable roof nice...
  17. General Discussions
    What does it mean when the gaskets are thinker then the old ones, the rods to don't meet into the corroborator. The screws keep loosening up on the corroborator, and it sounds like a bad starter it doesn't start right away it got a blank spot, we put a new ignition, I jumped out the starter with...
  18. Opel Parts Suppliers
    USA Opel / Opel's Forever is having a MOVING sale Everything in the storage building and yard is now on sale 25 to 50 % off our already low prices. If you need a rear axle we have used ones now on sale for $175.00 If you need sheet metal or want to have a sheet metal part to stash they are...
  19. brother's 70 opel gt

    70 opel gt waiting for body work, paint, and a 4.3l v6
1-19 of 45 Results