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  1. Opel Manta 1973

    This Opel Manta was store at S.C. farm for 20 years. It took over four years to rebuilt and repairing it. I very happen with the results.
  2. General Discussions
    Looking at an Opel gt for my first project car it’s got a locked engine and it’s rusted out under neath where the battery goes and a few dents. It’s got 77000 miles and it’s 850$. Is it too big of risk if I can’t unlock the engine? Opinions and anything else helps!
  3. Member Projects
    Making Big progress on my 69' L wagon, this picture was taken a couple of days ago, I now have it fully in primer, the green line you see is a rough estimate of where the pinstripe is going to be, Now I'm going to pull the motor before painting. its going to be the same motor just really, really...
  4. Aftermarket Down-draft carbs
    Has anybody swapped out the factory carb with a Holley or know of a reliable replacement for a 74 opel manta 1.9? Also, will an electric fuel pump be needed?
  5. Clutch, Transmission and Drive-train Upgrades
    Hello Opel GT owners. I was wondering if there is a 5 speed transmission, that i could install that doesen't require cutting and welding? I am changing alot of parts from the car, but my rule has always been, that any change i make, i must be able to undo. So when changing the engine I'm...
  6. Mechanical
    Hey everyone- first post! Disclaimer- I'm very new to all things mechanical so bear with me. I have a 74' Opel Manta (automatic) that was my great grandmothers. Instead of letting it rust out on my mothers property, I decided to fix 'er up. We even hit our 24,000th mile today! (Started at...
  7. Group 6 - Engine
    Hey everyone! Just out of curiosity, can someone tell me what the diferences between the CIH 1.6 S and 1.6 N are? Internal components, diferent head..? Thank you for your time and knowledge! :D
  8. Member Projects
    INTRODUCTION First time poster, long time member. It's January 1st, 2016 and my new years resolution is to finally showcase the work that was done to my 1974 Manta. For all intents a purposes, this isn't a “how-to” but rather a “how-I-did-it” in regards to this engine swap. The project took...
  9. General Discussions
    Since 1996 Usa Opel has been in the Opel parts and car sales. I started this company to give the Opel community a new and better source for good used parts and cars. At first there was no service and repair work as I started from my home in Fallbrook I started Usa Opel because I was charged...
  10. General Discussions
    Hello and good day/evening! I have a really really nasty problem with my newly bought Vectra C GTS, model 2002-*. The problem occurs when the car stops and switches from Direct to Neutral automatically - the whole car gets "kicked" it jerks every time it does that. I mean EVERY time. What seems...
  11. Kadett A/B
    Its for sale on CraigsList here: 1976 Opel Kadett by Isuzu - Buick RUNS / DRIVES / STARTS / STOPS There is a lot of detail below because I want you to know everything about this car so you can make a good purchase. I know I hated it when someone would only post 1 sentence... that tells you...
  12. Member Projects
    Back in 1987, a close friend of mine decided to build an Opel for street use and drag racing use. He never finished it. Went gung-ho for a while then abandoned the project. He did manage to start on the engine side of things, doing a lot of stuff that I would have never contemplated for a street...
  13. General Discussions
    So its been some time since I last dropped a thread on here and I felt it was about that time again. Since my last post I've had a son, bought my first house, lived a little and perhaps cried a little in between. But to say the least most of you elders know the routine. A life of restless...
  14. Opel Parts Suppliers
    Our company is located in the south of Poland, but we can easily ship to other countries. We are an authorized Opel dealer, which has some interesting classic parts left in its stock. These parts are only for European constructions of Opel. Form more information please contact us over the form...
  15. Other Models
    Opel Vectra B 1999 in Bahrain Greeting fellow Opel Owners, I am in the Navy, I am stationed on the island of Bahrain in the Middle East. I recently purchased a 1999 Opel Vectra Car here, the vehicle runs good but the exterior body looks very unattractive and the interior is old, dash is run...
  16. Group 1 - Electrical
    I recently bought a 1972 Opel GT that had been stolen from the owner, then recovered by the owner. Its electrical had been torn all apart, so I need to replace it. I'm a college student, so I don't have a ton of cash, but I need this car in working condition so I can drive to school. Every site...
  17. General Discussions
    Does anybody have an ideea of what type of carb is the one in the gallery posted below? All i know is that it was mounted on an older opel model (don't know what model). The worst part is that there's nothing wrote on the carb so i can not identify it galerie foto carburator
  18. General Discussions
    examples; ford=first on race day/fix or repair daily saab=something an a$$hole'd buy chevy=cracked head every valve rattles oil leaks every time IROC=Italian retards out cruising mopar=More Old Parts And Repair So, what is Opel?
1-18 of 34 Results