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  1. Member Projects
    I am still doing body repairs and paint stripping, and priming, but I am thinking ahead to final painting. I believe my car is original except for a exterior repaint years ago. All the hidden, bottom, and interior areas are a grey paint similar to primers. I believe that is factory. I see a...
  2. Painted for Christmas

    The paint is finally finished before my Christmas Holidays. Now I only need some reindeer. Wiring and the engine will hopefully be done next year.
  3. Kinda Sorta' Proud

    I'm getting there. Primer sealer is done and it is hot down here in south Mississippi. When cooler weather prevails, the final paint will be applied.
  4. Three Months Work Equal Progress

    The metal work is complete with the entire car in epoxy primer and the grey stuff is high build PPG. Painting the GT is much closer with these last three months of bodywork. The final 1200 grit sanding is the next step. I'm hoping to complete the paint this summer after five long years of work.
  5. General Opel GT Discussions
    Alright everybody, remember me, the guy with the recently found gt in the junkyard, well i went ahead and bought it, now i need some imput, especially on the color choices. so i'm going to place a poll and you can decide what you think would look best, now remember, before we pick a color keep...
1-5 of 5 Results