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    Back in 1987, a close friend of mine decided to build an Opel for street use and drag racing use. He never finished it. Went gung-ho for a while then abandoned the project. He did manage to start on the engine side of things, doing a lot of stuff that I would have never contemplated for a street...
  2. Opel GT - 24 Hours of LeMons
    OK, I hope I don't draw a lot of wrath on this forum for my project, but just wanted to post about my Lemons/Chump/who knows what else low budget race car. First - let me be clear that when I got the car it had already been hacked to within an inch of its life so it was NEVER going to be a...
  3. General Discussions
    I ran across this ad today while poking around on craigslist. Anyone looking for a GT Drag Car body? Anyone have pictures of this car when it was complete and running? Could be a great project for someone!! 1970 OPEL FIBERGLASS BODY
  4. Racers Forum
    Hi I would like to transform my Rally-Prepared GT 1900 into a Group 4 RaceCar! (In order with Apendix K for Historic Racing in Europe). Due to the fact that I do not have much time to go Rallying because of to much Circuit Racing. :D I am searching for Information on Period Group 4 OPEL-GT's...