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  1. Performance Suspension and Braking Upgrades
    i have been looking long and hard to find a good suspension set up but im having a hard time finding sites that even speak about GT suspension. so my question is if you were going to go all out and make a gt into a rally car what brands would you look at, what parts would be a good swap, and...
  2. 1988 Doo *** Rallysprint 2

    My second event in the car. Sliding into a downhill acute.
  3. battle scarred

    This event was shortly after the previous one where I rolled the car. You can see where the rear quarter panel has just been bashed back out with a hammer and the stock front bumper is on instead of the airdam. Also I had to convert to round headlights.
  4. 1988 Doo *** 2

    Same corner, different angle.
  5. Slippery Creek 1990

    I'm sliding through this corner with a flat right rear tire. After 2 more flats I eventually finished 13th overall with only 3 brakes!(I had to pinch the right rear brake line off with a pair of vice grips!)
  6. 1985 Olympus

    From the 1985 Olympus International Rally. This was before I owned the car.
  7. Rally action

    ORV Park Rallysprint, 1989.
  8. Rallysprint action

    In action at the Thurston Co. ORV Park Rallysprint, 1989. Finished 3rd overall and 1st in under 2 liter class.
  9. Fiberglass everywhere!

    Kind of ruined the airdam. Luckily I made a mold first!
  10. Ouch

    Only broke the rear window, thankfully. Winshield intact.
  11. Last Ditch

    Last Ditch Rally Team lives up to it's name.
  12. Opeloff

    I rolled it! Coachman Stages Rally, late 1989. Light roll but got stuck in ditch.
  13. Engine compartment

    Pic from 1994.
  14. Rally lights!

    With Ascona 400 bodykit, late 1989.
  15. Rally car rear view.

    Pic from 1988.
  16. interior

    Interior shot from 1989.
1-17 of 17 Results