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  1. Looking for rear axle assembly

    General Discussions
    Hi All; I am looking for a complete rear axle assembly in the New jersey area. I currently have a 1972 GT However when I took it for my maiden voyage the rear Seized up found some metal filings in rear after I open it up to see what was wrong. after it was towed back and car cooled The wheels...
  2. 1975 Ascona/Sportwagon rear pinion bearings needed

    4A - Differential
    I'm looking for a set of rear axle pinion bearings for a '75 Sportwagon (Ascona Voyage station wagon). These are for a friends car which is currently parked until suitable replacements can be sourced. The P/N's off the existing (worn out) pieces are: KM 88010 (race) & 511688A (cone) - both...