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  1. Question: Need to help a friend

    General Discussions
    Hi evereyone I dont know where else to post this,but somewhere, i'll get positive feedback. If you search ''knysna fires'' , you'll see what chaos can ensue when fire goes out of control. My friend, Quintin, lives there and was heavily affected. He lost it all, including a 6yr old son. He is a...
  2. YOUR opinion on this ENGINE - CIH 1.6 N - head budget rebuild

    6F - Engine Rebuilding
    Hey everyone, So the engine (CIH 1.6N) on my ascona B decided to quit on me about a year ago. Since I knew "nothing" about mechanics I decided to seek for professional help. They said it was the head-gasket and that it would cost me north of 650€ to replace it. Being a college student, i'm...
  3. 2.2 motor in need of rebuild

    6F - Engine Rebuilding
    Hey everyone, I purchased a used complete 2.2 motor several years ago from OGTS that is paired to an automatic transmission. Since having the motor, I have went from a Weber 32/36 to a Weber 38 with the original 1.9 intake and exhaust manifolds. Just a few weeks ago work was completed on...
  4. Building it one piece at a time~ My new 69,70,71,72,73 Blue-Red-Purple-Orange Opel GT

    Member Projects
    http://youtu.be/O4pAwosnIQE Chapter One Once Upon a time.... I was fortunate to meet a fellow and former OpelGT.com member in St Paul MN thru the ad board here. I was not even close to being in the market for another GT especially being a few grand into my other restoration. However this one...
  5. Question: Missing Piston Rod Bearing

    6A - Engine Mechanical
    Hello, I have a strange case: the engine that came with my used GT has a missing piston rod bearing and clamp on the forth piston. I thought at first that someone, at sometime, had tried to replace a spun bearing, but there is no sign of damage either on the crank or on the piston arm bearing...