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  1. 1A - Starting and Charging System
    Has anyone had an issue with their GT burning up regulators as soon as the car starts, with the alternator not being the problem? If so, what ended up being the culprit? I’m going through regulators faster than an Emilio Estevez movie, and it’s getting expensive! So far I’m out $330 over the...
  2. 2B - Seats, Windows and Interior trim
    Hi - I've been scouring the Driver Door posts for some tips, and maybe I missed it, as Amanda and I reinstall the Left door regulator - We left the old cable on, it looks in OK shape. Some folks also say take off the window, some say leave it on - we did the latter... Now - We are struggling...
  3. 2B - Seats, Windows and Interior trim
    I have installed a replacement window regulator and the vertical frame and slide assembly that the window sits in with new cable on the passenger side. I replaced the regulator because the old one didn't crank right and the old slide mechanism nylon bushings were very worn. The new slider...
1-3 of 3 Results