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  1. 1A - Starting and Charging System
    Hey guys, I bought a 1968 Kadett not too long ago but it had no keys. I bought a new ignition switch off amazon (Bosch 0342311007) and would like to replace my current switch, only issue is that I have no idea how to remove it. Any ideas?
  2. 2A - Body, Doors and Bumpers
    I have read posts about removing the lock cylinder from the door handle and have looked at mine. The is a circular retaining ring that holds the lock cylinder and the coil spring in place. But mine are not c clips that have small holes for the pins of a ring pliers to grab them. The ends are...
  3. Mechanical
    Are these darn things bolted or welded in? I can’t find any bolts but I don’t want to destroy what’s left of my carpet looking if there aren’t any. I am trying to take the seats and brackets out. I have all new replacements. Anyone have any constructive advice on how to do this?
  4. 1A - Starting and Charging System
    I have disconnected my alternator. I am having a problem getting it past the distribitor and out of the engine bay. What is the majic trick:
1-4 of 4 Results