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  1. Fuel Tank, Lines, Filters and Venting
    I have not been able to find information on disassembling a steel vapor canister for a GT. It appears that the end is fastened onto the cylinder with the rolling method used to seal canned food. Also, it appears there are 2 levels of perforated disks that hold the charcoal in place. Has...
  2. 2B - Seats, Windows and Interior trim
    Okay more like the minor leagues, but who doesnt like saving $500 plus dollars to use on the ponies? Cmon baby, Daddy needs a new Getrag...:nana: Overview: Brink back the Old girls Luster Parts Needed Typical cracked Opel Dash $Free Can Of Urethane Supply Company Padded Dash Filler $21...
1-2 of 4 Results