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  1. D.I.Y Diaries~ Amateur Dash Restoration Like a Pro!

    2B - Seats, Windows and Interior trim
    Okay more like the minor leagues, but who doesnt like saving $500 plus dollars to use on the ponies? Cmon baby, Daddy needs a new Getrag...:nana: Overview: Brink back the Old girls Luster Parts Needed Typical cracked Opel Dash $Free Can Of Urethane Supply Company Padded Dash Filler $21...
  2. 69 Opel Kadett Rallye

    General Discussions
    I absolutely love this car, I was wondering if anyone had any information on it besides the make and model. Or if there was any place for interested buyers. I want to restore it back to mint condition or sell it to someone who can bring it back to justice. The car is not a total loss by far, it...
  3. $60 Opel GT - Restoration

    General Discussions
    Hey there! I'm Adrian and I'm finally getting around to getting the ol' GT back on the road. Now some of you are probably wondering about the whole "$60 Opel GT" title...well the story is my grandfathers nephew was on his way to California, and the car broke down on an LA freeway and was...
  4. New Paint

    General Discussions
    Alright everybody, remember me, the guy with the recently found gt in the junkyard, well i went ahead and bought it, now i need some imput, especially on the color choices. so i'm going to place a poll and you can decide what you think would look best, now remember, before we pick a color keep...
  5. Is This Opel a Restoration Candidate?

    Opel GT Restoration Project
    Hello fellow opelers, I have recently seen an opel gt in the junkyard, it looks to be pretty good shape. The owner says it ran 3 years ago when parked, so it has been sitting now for a little over 3 years. But before buying i would really like to get some professional opinion on whether its...