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  1. Clutch, Transmission and Drive-train Upgrades
    The stock clutch adjustment bolt is not long enough when converting to an S-10 setup. Here's a quick article on making a longer one. Obtain a 12mm x 1.5mm x 70 mm bolt and jam nut . Make a template that matches the head of the stock bolt. Place the bolt into a drill and shape the...
  2. Clutch, Transmission and Drive-train Upgrades
    Or shall i say clutch noobitis. Okay, picked up what I assume is an Opel NOS flywheel that was drilled for S-10 pressure plate. Picked up a clutch kit from local parts store. part number mu1904-1 here is my dilemma I see in other threads fellas mention flywheel needs to be ground flat or...
1-2 of 2 Results