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    I tried to fit a Cobra Sebring Pro Kevlar seat into the GT. But the ears or the containment seat sat outside the window And body lines. I am not a skinny kid. And I have drivers that are normally or the more "mature" size. So fat boy seats are used and skinny kids uses padding to seal them in...
  2. 2B - Seats, Windows and Interior trim
    Anyone have any aftermarket seats in their GT currently? I currently have 2 adjustable bucket seats from Netami ( I believe is a cheap brand ) Unfortunately the seats weigh in at 35 pounds a piece and barely fit in the car. The goal of the seats are to be a snug body holding seat for...
  3. General Discussions
    I bought a GT last year that had boxes of various Opel Parts in it. Several of them were for the GT and some were definitely not. I asked him where these came from and he said that he had bought out a Buick dealership of their Opel parts several years back. While I can identify most every GT...
  4. seat frame

    Pontiac Solstice Seat Frame with Opel Slide Rails mounted
  5. 2D - Body Repairs and Modifications
    I'm getting a used 1969 Opel GT for about 1000 bucks. The only thing wrong with it is that it has no floor pans. Could somebody hook me up with a seller, or with a guide/reference to fabricating some. I can't find anything. I appreciate it! -Chase
  6. New GT Seats

    New GT Seats
1-6 of 6 Results