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  1. Monza/Senator
    Hi all. i'm new to the forum and i'm looking for a wiring diagram for a Monza/senator A, the wiring under the dash and steering column is a mess resembling a more a plate of spaghetti than a wiring loom, the gremlins from under the dash n now seem to have spread to the ignition and injection...
  2. 4 Decades of Opels

    1984 Senator CD 1969 Opel GT 1951 Olympia 1972 Ascona Voyage
  3. Opel Engine Performance Modifications
    Hi there! So I own a Opel Senator A2 from 84' and I'd like to get something a lil' sweeter under it's hood. Originally it is 2,5 i (25NE), also I've got a 2,6 Dual Ram (C26NE) in corner and also a 3,0 i (C30NE). Maybe there's even a chance to get a 2,8 (28H, I guess) So I hope someone here...
  4. Monza/Senator
    I have a problem, the winter is coming and i have no fan heater,need to find out where the fan switch themo sensor thing is . apparently i need bridge the resistor with wire, and thats it ........... done , cant find it, can anyone tell me cos i am a opel virgin and think i need...
1-4 of 4 Results