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  1. Non-Opel: Standard (Manual) Transmission Gear Selector Linkage Stuck in Neutral

    General Discussions
    So just a quick header: A: I know this is an Opel Forum, but it's a similar platform and you folks have been an invaluable wealth of info so far, so here goes. B: I recently made the mistake of hiring a cut rate guy off craigslist to replace the clutch. When he reassembled everything, he didn't...
  2. Trying to get her to spin

    6A - Engine Mechanical
    Hi I just picked up a '72 GT with about 50k mi that has been sitting indoors for 35 years. I am trying to spin the motor and haven't had any luck. I verified it's in neutral and even put a piece of wood to hold the clutch down. Drained the oil and it looked OK (black but no water). After I...
  3. '69 Opel GT headlight question

    2C - GT Headlamps Troubleshooting Removal & Repair
    I know I am going to sound like a silver spoon kid by saying this but my dad just gave me a 1969 Opel GT 1900 for my boys and I to work on together. After doing a little research I have relized that he has given me a great gift. However there is one issue that I need some help with from an...
  4. My dist. crapped out on me! HELP!!

    1B - Ignition System
    ok, so i got the old beast running...1.9H... it was running fine, let er warm up and had her goin for a few times, before... this time i idled her up a bit and held her to see what it was gona do. ran great considering all the carb leaks and ect. no mis-firing or what not. as it was comming...