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  1. S10 T5 into a Manta A

    Clutch, Transmission and Drive-train Upgrades
    I have a query. And before we dive into I just want to preface this query with a disclaimer: 1) The primary reason I'm asking is because I already have all these parts left over from other projects, and I'd like to get parts off the shelves and onto cars. 2) I feel like, because I have most of...
  2. Automatic transmission, bell housing & torque converter for sale

    Parts For Sale
    I have an automatic transmission, torque converter, and bellhousing for sale. It came with a parts car I bought some time ago. I don't know it's condition as far as working and functioning, but an outside visual does not reveal any broken, or damaged pieces that I can see. I am located in North...
  3. Non-Opel: Standard (Manual) Transmission Gear Selector Linkage Stuck in Neutral

    General Discussions
    So just a quick header: A: I know this is an Opel Forum, but it's a similar platform and you folks have been an invaluable wealth of info so far, so here goes. B: I recently made the mistake of hiring a cut rate guy off craigslist to replace the clutch. When he reassembled everything, he didn't...
  4. Opel GT 5 speed transmission

    Clutch, Transmission and Drive-train Upgrades
    Hello Opel GT owners. I was wondering if there is a 5 speed transmission, that i could install that doesen't require cutting and welding? I am changing alot of parts from the car, but my rule has always been, that any change i make, i must be able to undo. So when changing the engine I'm...
  5. Close Ratio Gears for Manual Tranny

    Clutch, Transmission and Drive-train Upgrades
    Here is the thing, had a 1970 Gt for my first car, the guy used to race it, came with all kind of spares, head was ported and polished, had higher compression rings than stock etc but the thing could do 70 in second gear, my husband says this is because they put a lot of $ into the tranny, my...
  6. Question: Towing

    General Discussions
    Hi All, Well, this is my first post...probably because its my first question. There will be more to come... Basically, I've got to tow a 1975 Opel Manta (standard transmission) 75 miles with one of those car dollies (where the rear wheels ride on the ground). I'm wondering whether I need to...