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  1. 2A - Body, Doors and Bumpers
    I am at the stage of fitting and adjusting the oem trim strip to the rear seam area. I have had it on/off at least 25 times already and still no where near happy with the fit. I am getting the outer edge of it close to the same height as the edges of the body panels. That was not too hard...
  2. Parts For Sale
    I have some old Opel GT parts in my New Jersey USA Garage attic. Hood, Front Bumper, Box of molding and trim pieces. 1972 I think. Looking to sell it all together. More photos if interested. Selling my home and moving soon. It must go to someone who needs and will love it. All gone! Fred
  3. 2A - Body, Doors and Bumpers
    How do you safely remove the three piece exterior chrome trim from around the door windows ? I've been studying my parts car, but I'm still not sure. The top piece and vertical piece seem attached to the window track felt/rubber, but how to remove the rivet ? And what size is the rivet when...
  4. 2A - Body, Doors and Bumpers
    I really like the looks of the emblems on the side fenders. Not too sure I care about the 1900 or GM logo. What do yall think? :feedback: I would probably grind off the pins and mount with 3m double sided gray tape. I need a volunteer to make me a template. Perhaps a paper bag cut open and...
  5. 2B - Seats, Windows and Interior trim
    Okay more like the minor leagues, but who doesnt like saving $500 plus dollars to use on the ponies? Cmon baby, Daddy needs a new Getrag...:nana: Overview: Brink back the Old girls Luster Parts Needed Typical cracked Opel Dash $Free Can Of Urethane Supply Company Padded Dash Filler $21...
  6. 2D - Body Repairs and Modifications
    My GT has been in a body shop for 5 months and just about ready to be painted. The PO has drilled holes in the rear trim molding from the outside and it looks like crap. Being as how these are so rare, I bought some a adhesive chrome strip from OGTS. Has anyone had experience with these...
  7. General Discussions
    Found one! Thanks Kat!
  8. Plastic chrome trim

    Installed trim June 25, 2010 It was easier to do than what I had anticipated.
  9. Plastic chrome trim

    Installed trim June 25, 2010 It was easier to do than what I had anticipated.
1-9 of 9 Results