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  1. head gasket and pistons question for manta turbo replica

    6F - Engine Rebuilding
    Hello:veryhappy, well im restoring a Manta A turbo series replica from a 71 manta A SR and im doing it in a tight budjet and in Portugal we dont have much parts around. my question is: i was searching on the web and i saw in diferent specs websites that my car has 9.0:1 compression ratio and in...
  2. 1970 Opel Kadett Wagon Turbo Project

    Member Projects
    Hello all. My name is Kevin. I have a shop in Northern California, Red Bluff to be exact. I am currently fist deep in a project for a customer and just foumd this forum. Love it, full of great info! The project car is a 1970 Opel Kadett. It came in with a partially disassembled engine. It had...
  3. cooler running A/F bung

    ""New "Low Restriction, Cooler Temperature" A/F Sensor Boss We've got a new style weld-able "boss" or "bung" for the A/F sensors (wide band O2 sensors). It's designed with some small cooling fins and extra depth to keep the A/F sensor cooler (good for high temp turbo applications) and out of...
  4. v6 swap or turbo the original engine

    Engine Swap Forum
    I want to turn my 1971 opel gt into a drift monster and i figured swapping the engine would be a good way to get hp. I also contemplated turboing the stock engine. I dont know what turbo to use. I know they have universal turbo kits on ebay for $500 with t3 turbo and intercooler and all that...
  5. Another GT LeMons racecar

    Opel GT - 24 Hours of LeMons
    Me and a buddy just recently purchased two GTs from Cheyenne for a nice $500. One is a '73, runs and drives (although we haven't put a battery in it yet) and as it appears complete even with real shady floor patches welded in. The other was a '70 "parts car", giant rust holes, no engine, what...
  6. Manta SR20DET Swap

    Engine Swap Forum
    Does anyone have some info on how much work has to be done for a SR20DET to Manta A swap ?
  7. CIH Turbo EFI by RallyBob

    Opel Engine Performance Modifications
    I don't know how I let myself get talked into these things... 7 weeks 'til Carlisle. I have to fabricate an entire turbo system for a CIH Opel, have parts coated and plated, tear-down and regasket an existing engine, install the engine, and dyno-tune it. We'll see if I even come close. So, the...