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turn signal

  1. A few minor problems

    Factory Fuel Injection
    Hi guys, so i have a few problems that i would need a solution to, and since i have no one to work with on the car, this will do just fine SO back to business, the car is a 1988 manta 2.0E cih with the LE-jetronic. backround info the engine's been rebuilt during last fall. Problems: temperature...
  2. Bitter Turn Signals Out, Problem is in the switch but I am stumped.

    1C - Lighting and Signal Systems
    Hi all, I'm trying to sort the biggest problem on my Bitter SC project, which is the fact that the car does not signal. We've taken the car apart down to the signal switch, however the electrical componentry in it has wound up baffling myself, and my cohort (an electrical engineer). He put...