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  1. Group 5 - Brakes
    In my rebuild I am using the OGTS large master cylinder and big brake kit. I am wondering if there is any need to increase the size of the rear wheel cylinders. There are notes that if you use the 3/4" wheel cylinders, you may/should add a prop valve. It seems that would be to reduce the...
  2. 6A - Engine Mechanical
    I see in a post from 2007: http://www.opelgt.com/forums/6a-engine-mechanical/8812-opel-springs-big-valve-head.html That RallyBob commented: FYI, stock spring installed heights on a 1973 1.9 engine are: Intake: 1.57" - 93 lbs Exhaust: 1.36" - 97 lbs Can anyone tell me what the installed spring...
1-2 of 2 Results