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  1. 1C - Lighting and Signal Systems
    So I was driving back on the highway the other night and I turned my headlights on. Immediately the lights went out and my car refused to switch back to the low beams. I thought it was the switch in the steering column, so I replaced that. No difference. I checked the relays (I still get the...
  2. 1D - Wiring Diagrams
    Hello, all - new member, first time posting. I have a lovely 72 GT 1.9L that recently suffered a short behind the dash that was severe enough to cook the loom just past the firewall under the hood. At a minimum, I'm going to be replacing the harness behind the dash and under the hood as a...
  3. 1B - Ignition System
    Hi, I got a Delco Remy Ignition coil. There are a few wires cut and stripped as if pulled apart or chewed. Any help on what to do with the red wire . Which is 3.5v . Its just the green wire and red is left as the brown is the earth, negative . but the red one just appears extra. The greenn one...
  4. 1B - Ignition System
    Where exactly does the resistor wire go? I have a new coil coming from Gil and would like to sort out this wiring mess. I'll probably have to use a ballast resistor instead of the resistor wire and am not 100% sure where it should get wired into. Apparently this car once ran, but had been...
  5. Aftermarket Down-draft carbs
    I am replacing my Solex electric choke carb with a DGEV on my 1973 GT. Will the choke wiring stay the same or does it require modification for the Weber choke to properly function? Any experiences from someone who has done this before?
  6. Fuel Injection Mods
    I'm in the process of figuring this all out. My plan is to retain the stock 2.4 EFI system and swap the 2.4 manifold for a cut down 3.0l with a larger throttle body. The engine arrived to me with the manifolds and all wires disconnected. I have the complete wiring harness and ECU. The engine is...
1-7 of 7 Results