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1.1 GT crossmember / motor mounting

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does anyone have a clear photo of the 1.1 motor mounting setup in the gt. or better yet does anyone want to sell me a setup.??

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One of my friends has a 67 Kadett he want's to sell the car was running when parked about 4 or 5 years ago. If this will help contact me by e-mail [email protected] Subject kadett
I don't think the Kadett will help much as I need to specifically see what the 1.1 crossmember looks like and how it mounts to the framerails in the engine bay.

I believe it is a front engine mounting directly behind the front suspension rather than the mid-engine crossmember of the 1.9.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, its been many years and many cars ago.
Well, I have three GT 1100 engine photos, and none show the cross member clearly. But if it helps, here they are


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And another


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And finally


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I just tried to take some photos, but unfortunately they don't show the 1.1L mount too well. Like Keith's pics, too much of the engine is in the way to get a clear shot (even when I try to zoom in). I would need to get the car on a lift.

I can tell you, from looking under my 1.9L and 1.1L right beside each other... both engines mount to the exact same location beneath the firewall area. The crossmember supports look very similar, and the oilpans are in similar relative positions... both having a clearance "dip" in the middle with the deep part of the sump hanging behind the mount. The top of the mounts are completely different, of course.


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