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My 1979 Kadett C 1.2l won't idle on it's own for more than a couple seconds without the choke, and neither the volume control nor the mixture screws seem to affect anything at all. The car runs and drives great apart from this.

The carb is squeaky clean inside, it has a brand new gasket set, and all the passages has been confirmed to not be clogged. The idle cutoff solenoid clicks audibly when connected/disconnected, and I've visually confirmed that the valve in it opens and closes fine. I haven't found any vacuum leaks either.
The timing has been set with a timing light, the plugs and wires are relatively new, and the points has been replaced by a powerspark-style kit.

The strange thing is that when the idle cutoff solenoid is disconnected the car idles fine and the volume control screw kinda works, but the engine dies instantly when the throttle is opened to anything less than half open :confused:.

I'm completely stumped, any tips or suggestions for what to do next would be greatly appreciated.
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