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1.9 cam chain Stretch?

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Is there a way or a spec to measure a cam chain? I have my 1.9 apart right now. It has 70K on it. There was no play at the top cam gear before I took it apart. I am trying to find out if it has stretched some and if I need a new cam chain or not:confused:
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Thanks Gtjim, For some stupid reason I was thinking a new chain was over $100.00 I checked my chain for the things you talked about. It all looks good. I found out a new chain is only $26.00, so a new one is on the way. When it gets here I can measure it against the used one for length. I am in this motor job for about $500.00 so far, so another $26.00 don't mean much.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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