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1.9 cam chain Stretch?

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Is there a way or a spec to measure a cam chain? I have my 1.9 apart right now. It has 70K on it. There was no play at the top cam gear before I took it apart. I am trying to find out if it has stretched some and if I need a new cam chain or not:confused:
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Chain "stretch"

Most wear in a chain is concentrated in the holes around the pins and on the pins themselves, so "stretch" is a misnomer.

If you hold the chain in both hands, thumbs together, and alternately pull and push on the chain you can feel any movement in the loose pins/hole area (there should be very, very little).

Also if you hold one end of the chain with the pins vertical and let the other end droop under its own weight anything more than the free end being the thickness of the chain lower indicates a worn chain. Compare it to a new one.

Always visually check for cracks around the pin holes in the side plates, for damaged rollers and for faulty pin ends that can come uncrimped.

Infact if you have the chain out just put a new one in!

If you use a chain with a link (standard ones are usually linkless & one piece) then make sure that the chain you use is:

1) the correct pitch (metric?? - can someone confirm this?)
2) has solid rollers - not rolled ones with a connecting line across.
3) the sprockets on the cam and crank are in good condition.
4) the clip on the link is installed away from the direction of rotation. "The fish swims up river" was the old biker matra!
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