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.1.9 ;) Legree Engine to Start Tue

Turtle, Slug and Snail machine shop have finally run out of reasons not to finish the Legree inspired 1.9 that they have had since last October.

It is going on the simulator (some thing that make the engine run without running while feeding it oil) and if that works they are threatening to run the thing...finally..

Have everything working on the Manta Now except the horn as the taillights decide to give up the fight today once I unwired the red and white wire feeding number one fuse (the left side taillights) from the red and white wire that feed the fog lights I had both taillights.

The stereo is in, not that that is so important but there are tunes. The much maligned and scoffed at wooden rear spoiler is also on; just need the front spoiler holes drilled.

I never need to fish again as I get all my fishing in hunting for first and second gear with this 4 speed.

I just have to smooth out the engine trot to inspection and get my tags.

No paint yet but I guess I will have a parts sale to buy the paint soon. Will trade for clearcoat!

If I never see another soldering gun it will still be to soon.


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