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Well that was easy for a change.

1. Removed the dizzy cap and turned the engine over till the rotor arm pointed to no 4 plug wire.

2. Loosened off both rockers on no4

3. Squeezed the hydraulic tapper in a vice to discharge the oil.

4. Refitted and tightened down the rockers so they both had 3 threads protruding.

5. Ran the engine and it started and ran beautifully albeit tapetty.

6. As the oil warmed up the hydraulic tappers filled and she runs quite now.
To be clear, even if that seemed to work for you, that is NOT the correct or safe method to adjust lifters

To make things interesting, I like to adjust the lifters at the peak of the cam's lift.... ;).

...and for further clarity, Alex is messing with the reader with this statement :)
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