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10 Oil Filters

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Looks like a great deal. If I wasn't going to a remote filter and changed my filter more than once a year I'd go for it.
I have dealt with this vendor (Import Brokers) before. Very good transaction. Be aware that all of the filters in the box are not the direct replacement to the GT. They all have the same thread size and part number, and will fit on a 1.9 engine, but I received four different filters, each with a slightly different overall length and gasket thickness. I test fit each of the styles and all but the longest (which I only had one of) fit fine.

I just thought I would share my experience with this purchase. A very wise investment.
Gary said:
He is located in the next town over from me.....
Here is something that I don't understand. OE Plus (the "manufacturer" of these filters) is in North Dighton MA. Import Brokers is in North Dighton MA. Is Import Brokers the eBay outlet for OE Plus? Or is there a DBA/LLC relationship? Gary, do you have any impressions of these guys?
I bought these 2 years ago, and they were all the same shortie ones. Wonder why you got different ones.......
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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