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I checked the search feature and didn't see any photos of an aftermarket set up. My washer hoses were clogged at the tips and rotten and the foot pedal wouldn't pump or activate the blade.
the problem is I had no washer and a non working pedal switch:

I bypassed the foot pedal and did an aftermarket electric pump.
I got my power from the fusebox and added an extra inline fuse.
I did NOT use clear aquariuim hose.I used Black garden irrigation hose
for flower pots(walmart).it has the disadvantage of being opaque..but it sure outlasts aquarium line in my gargen.I have used both...anyway it was in stock in my garage.The garden fittiings for splicing are perfect and i think they are a lot cheaper.

Electric pump does a great job...I just flip the switch..not to high tech...but I may move the switch next time I take my dash apart.
(I should have bought the type of switch that only closes the circuit as you press...mine is a rocker)

Also I posted my $10 smiths replica clock that I got on clearance at "Restoration Hardware"..I need to add light for night(which I havent' figure how to use the stock opel bulb)..but the fact that it is battery powered means I don't have to reset it each time I work on my car's electrical...so I kind of like it....Anyway..I have less than $30 in these 2 upgrades


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Get a foot pedal. That and a Diode from Radio Shack are all you need to make the foot pedal work. Do a search for my post where I explain the whole thing.
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