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70 GT for sale

Everyone always asks why someone is selling something???? IT seems like it is important. Some sell for their family's sake(usually wife) some sell for need of money.
My reason:
Once you spend time building and painting and putting your own personal touches on it. Then when it is finished, you go every weekend to local car shows, and enjoy it on cruise in nights. But what do you do when you are finished????? I'm ready to work on the next project. But when you got three cars, you never get the chance to work on one at any particular time. I want a new project is all, I have another GT, and soon one for the wife, and we will always have Opels, but my blood screems for a muscle car. A Mopar to be presise. But wants sometimes involve sacrifice. So the Spyder will go to a new happy Opel owner. Sure I will miss the heck out of it, and kick myself in the rear end for selling it. But I would rather keep the good memories, and go on to something new. I just couldn't see me wanting to stripthat car down again and repaint 10 years from now. Once its finished in my eyes, I'm done with it. So in conclusion: If it doesn't sell, fine, I love the car, if it does sell then great, I can finance a new project. I've set my reserve where I feel it is reasonalbe, but I won't be killing myself when I sell it. From looks, it may go over my reserve???
70 Opel GT Spyder (for how long????)
70 Opel GT
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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