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1970 Opel Gt - Purchased July 1972 - Chartreuse - restored - 3000 miles as of 02-16, 2021 -
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Nice looking GT. Recommend you post more pictures, everyone on the forum loves to look at other GT's - always a lot of interest from this group regarding the rocker panels, jacking points, battery tray and under the hood pictures and any other information that will help convey the condition of your car . Your paint looks great along with the rest of the exterior but with that said that is the easy part and the eye candy that first gets people interested in making a purchase. This group, which you are a part of, will be looking beyond skin deep for all of the secrets of this 51 year old car. Sorry to hear that you have to sell it and wishing you the best of luck with the transaction and with your mobility/health issue as well. We are all on the same track, that is enjoying our Opel's for as long as we can. Again best wishes.....Carl
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