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I just want to draw your attention to a message that was posted on the yahoo classicopels list.

I don't know anything more than what was posted about the wagon. Check it out.


----------here is the message------

1972 Opel 1900 Wgn (Ascona)
I’m looking for an individual who is interested in possibly completing this project! This car has new fenders and rocker panels. The under carriage is painted white and the suspension is painted blue and yellow. The engine is low compression type, I believe 7:1. I have a 9:1 compression engine but I’m unsure of it’s condition having been submerged by hurricane Floyd ( only the engine ). The steering wheel is a wood rim B.W.A., the seats are from a 1985 Mazda RX-7 grey fabric. There are a lot of extra parts that go a long with this car. Unfortunately I’ve lost interest in completing this project. If there is an interested party in this project car. It is FREE. The only hitch is you must take the whole project not individual parts.
The car is 40 miles north of NY city.
Please respond!
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