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rust repair

Okay from your pics those holes dont look too bad. Sand down every where you see the rust, get rid of all of it, as has been mentioned its better to make a bigger hole than not removing all of the rust. The areas that are just surface rust are easy, if you have holes then you need to patch them (duh). If you have a welder and a little bit of experiance, it really shoudnt be to bad. If not, find a friend who a good wire feed, gas if you can, then start slow, practice a bit. Be preapred to spend a good amount of time to do it right, its not a 30 minute job. After you have it all stripped and the new part welded in shot it with a good rust prevention paint, and undercoat it. This should make you gt bascily rust free and happy for some time. You get the entire underside from OGTS, but it looks like you can get away with just doing a few patch welds. Good luck to you.
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