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hi, im new here... a little introduction first: im 19 years old, live in norway and love opels..
the first time i saw a opel gt i didnt like it but thats over 5 years ago.. then i saw it last week searching for old cars and fell i love with it and almost every night iwe dreamt about it (thats true)... and now i what to buy a gt.. now i own an opel omega whit the ever lasting 2.0 litre whit 8v (c20ne i think)

but im wondering about something and that is... will a 20 litre turbo from a calibra (c20let) fit in the gt engien bay without any big modifications??
and which gearbox fits the gt again whiout any big mods... is there any preformance driveshafts for the gt??

sorry for my bad english... :D

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The 2.0 16V motor will fit in the GT, but, one modification you have to do is take the distributor off a 1.8 and apply it to the 16V. The motor mounts have to be fabricated and so does part of the exhaust. You need the getrag 5-spd from a 1.8 to work with the 2.0 As for the Turbo version, I don't know if there is room for it. It does work in a Manta/Ascona, as Uwe Klippert has done this conversion.

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The differences of the two engines (besides the turbocharger on the -LET) are only internally, like different oil return lines to the block/oil sump. From the outside, and where mounting is concerned, you cannot tell them apart other than the different stamped-in type numbers.

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