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2.0 roller rocket finish

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I've been busier than ever and instead of scattering various threads about, If it's ok With you all I decided to put up a newer thread that included some of the getting back to regular gas and a roller install that is coming right up. To be honest I do use the threads as a reference to myself and it allows me to look back and see where I could have done something different or where I found such a great idea.

A quick summary of the last couple of days include the removal and replacement of the back glass. I found and procured a fresh billet cam that has me pretty happy, ok alot of luck on that one. I welded in the plate for the passenger side retractor seat belt and did some interior finish work. I also removed the stock fan and shroud without removing the radiator and installed an electric one from I believe an early Honda. I also did the remote battery mount and tried it all out.

I was told that tomorrow or the next day the cam may ship so I'll be doing this a bit quicker than expected.

If this is ok with you all I'd like to keep up on the documentation, if it is, then I'll work on some pics of the most recent mods and I suppose if the old thread is salvaged they could be merged?
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I pulled the distributor out that had the Pertronics and dropped in the Crane one that is set to about 7 degrees that equates to 14 or 15 degrees of mechanical advance. I set initial at 16 and it seems to like it just fine. I checked it and total now is around 32 or 33 and it is all in at about 3500 RPM. I'm not sure why but I was glad I checked it, the carbs were way out of sinc. set them back and it pulls evenly again and it doesn't rock the body at idle. Temp is normal and it seems to pulse a little harder from the exhaust than it did before. Did I mention that the sewing machine sound from the head is gone? Thanks to Samdog I like the rollers and the improved way it sounds just for starters. I did cut a stock valve cover and am planning on putting windows in it just for fun.

It's also running 2 bar at 1000 for oil pressure.

Sounds like you're making real progress. I'd be real curious if you can get by without the racing fuel now.

It has less than a quarter tank full of mix now and I'm kinda letting it idle and burn some off before I take it for a fill up. I'll know this weekend if it does or not. I like listening to it more than anything so for it to idle in the background is pretty sweet music.
Oh My Lord what have I built. I just went out for gas and this is even more of a stop and stare than it was before. I went to below a 1/4 mix and shook it up a bit as I drove but it hits 6k in a real hurry and it does hesitate if I let off too much like at a light. It likes to spin even the bigger tires at a whim still and unless I let off the clutch it will just keep spinning them. Ok I'm satisfied that it will work and will run on pump gas and all. I'm kinda weining us both off the race fuel.

Ok I've calmed down and that is a rush to drive, very linear acceleration and pulls like it's a big block if you keep it over 1500 RPM. very short bursts but it still pops back a bit and announces itself as you come off of the higher Rs.

Oh goodness the tank is full and my to do list is about finished.
To Do List!

1) Drive the "Beast" for miles and miles

2) Drive the "Beast" for miles and miles

3) Drive the "Beast" for miles and miles

4) ........... SMILE!

5) :D :D
What is left of my 2 page to do list is the column cover and the vent deflector and a bolt that needs cleaning up a bit. Ok it must suck to have a finished GT that pushes that many ponies...........No it doesn't. I copped tude and took it out barefoot for a bit and well you'd have had to be there to really know what that much power is like.

Oh I just reached in the drivers window and turned the key and it just fired up and idled at about 1K. For it to act that smooth is kinda ironic, given the possible state of tune on it. I laughed like crazy, ok maybe I'm the only one that see's the humor in it all. It out thumps the neighbors Harley and you gotta see the humor in that.
Oh, Yeah, I know the feeling well Dave. Something you built that outperforms a lot of what's on the road. It's gotta be a blast. I had a Harley driver take out my 250 Honda twin, years ago, and he came back and said his Harley didn't pull that strong or go that quick. Hat size getting bigger? :D
I like building these kind of motors and yes I'm proud of the way it acts. I did alot that most had never tried like the cowl induction and made it all work. what's left is miniscule in comparison but Ron I know you will be hot on my heels with that V6.
Now that it is about finished I'll post some of what got it there. I don't know all of the shipping costs but some were a bit steep

Cars 1000.00 Fort Morgan and Fort Lupton Co.
Towing 560.00 Monument Towing
Tires 270.00 Peerless
Rims 460.00 E
Centers 135.00 E
Emblems 20.00 Local Vendor
Motor work 670.00 Laniers
Carbs 425.00 E
Air filters 38.00 O
Glass back panel 200.00 O
Paint 330.00 Axzo Noble
Bumpers 70.00 E
Transmission 599.00 O
Tranny brackets 20.00 O
Tranny spring, shield 31.00 O
Clutch 225.00 Ehnis Rink
Drive line work 45.00 Drive line Specialists
Headliner 85.00 O
Seat covers 320.00 O
Dash 100.00 Dr. Vinyl
Carpet 99.00 O
Back cover 40.00 O
Back suspension bushings 75.00 O
Light gaskets 27.60 O
Lens gaskets 33.00 O
Pistons 59.00 O
Rings 45.00 O
Main bearings 90.00 O
Rod bearings 45.00 O
Gasket set 120.00 O
Motor mount 58.00 O
Valves 112.00 O
Lifters 48.00 O
Aluminum pan 30.00 E
Electronic ignition 119.95 O
Pick up tube 9.00 O
Interior parts 130.00 E
Front window gasket 89.00 O
Door weather stripping 79.00 O
¼ window gaskets 80.00 O
Hood rubber + fire wall 43.00 O
Parts from Mark 225.00 E
Seat belts 30.00 E
Visor hinges 12.00 O
Manuals 65.00 E
Front spring 120.00 O
Spring bushings 20.00 O
Front bushings 35.00 O
Spring hats 40.00 O
Manifolds 250.00 O
Linkage 76.00 O
Exhaust 120.00 O
Lights 75.00 E
Sway bars 250.00 M+O
Misc. 400.00 Checker, Napa
Oil pump 56.00 T
Rear disc brakes 100.00 M
Axle bearings 30.00 M
Gasket set #2 80.00 M
Tank 50.00 M
Lights 15.00 E
Rear side markers 90.00 O
Misc. #2 for discs 125.00 M+O
11:1 pistons 210.00 James
machine work 2 85.00 Marvel machine shop
timing chain 26.00 C
rod bearings 2 45.00 O
roller rockers 685.00 Samdog
cam # 2 210.00 Schneider
paint #2 180.00 Axzo Noble
misc # 3 battery and paint 75.00 Napa
petronics and coil 170.00 Foreign car parts

Total 10906.55+

Estimate of hours 450 at 10.00 an hour = 4500.00

O Opel GT source
T Todd
E Ebay
M Mark Haskell

Traded for items
Dip stick M 10.00
Rear window gasket T 120.00
Radio M 20.00
Interior trim parts M 14.00
Spare alternator M 15.00
Spare starter M 15.00
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I keep a running list of all items on the car that need some work. I'm kinda finishing it all off so I can post some of the nit picky Items I've found on the car. Keep in mind that some like replace motor or fix the crack in the body were a bit more involved than they let on. Big D means it's finished.

Car list
1 Cut exhaust D
2 Install exhaust D
3 Fix torque tube D
4 Install tube and drive shaft D
5 Turn front ball joints D
6 Make mount for seat belt D
7 Install seat belts D
8 Make up new throttle cable D
9 Starter relay D
10 Finish sway bars D
11 Fix crack in body D
12 Tack down carpet D
13 Drivers door handle D
14 Pan under heating valve D
15 Finish fan wiring D
16 Rear panel D
17 Shock stud
18 Screws for spare tray D
19 Paint D
20 Clear coat (not again) D
21 Tags D
22 Fix RR brake D
23 replace bad rocker arm nuts D
24 remove and coat gas tank D
25 replace motor D
26 install rear brakes D
27 Move fuel pump and rewire D
27 Vin tags D
28 replace glass D
29 Wet sand
30 Defroster wiring NA
31 tighten rack rod nut
32 Steering shaft collar D
33 Small vent deflector
34 Remove and replace hood latch D
35 Relocate Battery 1/2
36 install electric fan D
37 Install Roller rocker D
38 Install 75 distributor D
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Dave, I just read what you had posted in the way of expenses and work done. I'll never bitch again about what I put in mine to get it up and running. Course mine is almost bone stock, with a few minor upgrades. What you have done is very impressive and how! It shows what grit and determination is. May I say, Well done, very well done. I wish I could see/hear it running. You gonna plan a trip to the East Coast anytime soon? :D Jarrell
this is what I see when sitting in it.
Now that it runs on pump gas you never know where we may turn up. I'm kinda laughing my fool head off as I've also finished the to do list and then some. I even did the NOS window trim stuff today and rewired the electric fan too. It runs pretty well for being so close to stock and everything. Sorry still laughing my fool head off and finishing some interior bits. Ya ha ha Let me stop laughing for a little while.
Ok there is nothing like firing up something you like and runs well. I fired it up and took it for a cruise after finishing up the brakes and 3/4 of the lock cylinders. It fires right off and idles well but the transition on the carbs is the pits and the low end I must have left at the house or something. above 2500 it pulls like mad and goes till you look in the mirrors for red lights.

My intention is to go to 30 chokes instead of the 32's now and increase my air mains and Emulsions.

At least those are pretty simple and kinda light compared to some of the stuff I've been doing. I'll do one at a time to see what helps or hurts.

I have to say that to be at a point of no possible upgrades that this one of all the Opels and especially GTs I've owned is this one's there or right on the brink of it. I have owned more than my share and each one lacked in some area. I can't say that with this one it is the bomb and I'm just glad to be on the finish end of a wicked little mother like that.
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you've got more guts then me. I won't go near my pile of receipts!

James that price list is before the master cylinder, calipers and rotors. I also picked up another set of carbs just for the jetting that was done in Germany on a 2.0 there, ok the Irmshers kinda sweetened the deal but added to the price.

Recent booboos or screwups.

I was doing the locks so they all matched and was working on the ignition. I went to unhook the battery and raised the hood. Ok I had forgotten that the battery wasn't under there anymore and the key everything was matched to was laying on the hood. I still haven't found that key but thank goodness for spares.

After changing out the cam I had run it a couple of times with no valve cover and minimal oil capture from the chain so some stray oil was expected. I checked the oil and it was alot lower than expected and I noticed a drip line from the last time it was driven. In double checking everything I found that the cam chain tensioner was loose about 1/2 turn. Being under pressure it pushed oil out and landed on the ground.

Almost forgot to mention that the modified master cylinder reservoir is now leaking. Any ideas on a fix for that one? I'm thinking but at a bit of a loss on it.
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I've been doing some jetting and after reading more I decided to leave the chokes as is. The chokes now are 32s and to drop in size would have limited the high end too much. I tried the F11 emulsions with 138 mains and 180 airs and we were both glad to be back and shut off after that test run. I swapped carriers and continued with the 180 airs but used the F64 emulsions and 138 mains. Backed it out and idle was better but upon letting the clutch out it was slinging gravel at low Rs. I think I could tweak it a bit more to run 190 or 200 airs but at least this time when I went for a drive I took the low end torque with me.

Wow new sidedraft jets for 2.50 each and short delivery. I did 8 airs 4 190s and 4 200s. To finish the tweak for 25 bucks is dirt cheap. Might do those 15mm air horns too and call it all good. Alfa 1750, I'd like to go through his shop for an hour at a dead run.....with a shopping cart...or 2.
Just a slight update, The car is done. My dwindling to do list is done. I have a very slight tweak of the carbs remaining and that is all. I did a thermal weld on the MC resevoir and water and air tested it. It is holding fine and no chemicals were used that brake fluid can act upon. Rebled the whole brake system and I have that high pedal back. Found and installed that short little deflector for the heat on the drivers side and put on the drivers door handle to finish the rekey to one key project. I still want to check all the bolts and fasteners one last time then just flog the daylights out of it for a while.

big sigh of relief.

How about a 0-60 report, when you get a chance....
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