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does anyone know if the opel 2.3 is what came in the chevette?
because if so i know that in the part cross reference section it says the trans from a chevette will bolt onto a opel cih engine
now if this is right i found a company that sells bellhousings to put a toyots truck 5 speed on a 2.3 which will obviously work on the opel is what is previously said it true heres the link
http://www.giloeng.com/ they also for some reason sell a bellhousing to put a 350 on to the opel bmw getrag 5 speed

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No. Totally different engine than the 1.9/ CIH (only the 1.9 was imported into North America). But the early Vega 4 speed is EXACTLY the same as the Opel 4 speed, if you care. But that still doesn't help you with what you want, which is a cheap easy 5-speed conversion for an Opel. Closest would be an early Chevette 5-speed, but even that doesn't ft right (see the multitude of postings in this heading for discussion)

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hi the 2.3 chevette was a vauxhall (GM UK ) rallye sport model which i think was sold in europe as opel which was made to compeat in touring car and rally events, it had a much larger bellhousing than CIH opel engines the block being used as the temp for the lotus 2.0 &2.2 litre twin cam engines for the esprit and eclat
it wont go in a gt without changes to the gearbox tunnel as its about 5" wider at the joint to the block
i know this as i put the 2 litre lotus in my gt in 1985 and it gave me lots of headaches untill i bit the bulit and cut the firewall to open it up
still it was fun to drive the gt at 153 mph and find that it was still stable (it did slow to 140 when the lights were on so the ambers came out and H4 Halogens went in as no one wants to loose that much speed just to see at night :D )

p.s. we also hade a version of the chuvit with a 2.7 in called a black prince but that was a car for rally drivers and loonatics and dont say thats one and the same thing or you'll upset rallye bob:p
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