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Hey, it's been a few months since I last posted, so I'm not sure what's been happening here. I don't think this is going to be a repeat topic, but if so could someone point me to the thread that would cover this.

I've been talking to everyone I can find about giving the GT an engine that does its styling justice, and then some. The hottest setup that I've been told of is a '99 2.4L bottom end topped by a 2.0E head. This is to be followed by a 5-speed Getrag and put through to the wheels with a 4:18 waggon rear end. The rear end has stock mounts for a sway bar. I have the rear end now and will have the engine in a few months. Here's where the questions start. Can I use the roller cam and lifter setup that Bob had posted some time back? I want to go with a dual side draft intake and will be installing a stainless steel exhaust system from Germany. What carbs work best for this kind of combo? Has anyone heard of this engine combination having been used in the US? I've been told that this would be a first. There's a torsen limited slip differential from Quafe that costs about $1200.00. Are there any other diffs out there for the GT? If so, how much do they go for? Thanks for any info or setup tips.


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A 2.4 shortblock with a 2.0 head has been done quite a lot in the US, OGTS has sold many of these combinations. I'd personally use the 2.4 head, it's far superior. Anyway, you'll probably want to use 45 DCOE Webers with 36 chokes for good power and driveability. If you use a 2.4 head, then go with 48 DCOEs and 40 chokes. Are you intending to install larger valves in the 2.0 head? The only flow 92 cfm (intake), the 2.4 head flows 110 cfm but has a lot more potential. Even with big valves and lots of porting, the 2.0 head will give up at the point the 2.4 is just getting started at....

Not sure what size exhaust you were planning, but a 2.4 can handle a 2.5" diameter exhaust. Any less will lose you power.

Just BTW, the wagon (Kadett) rear axle is a 3.18, not a 4.18. Opel never made a 4.18 axle ratio.

A roller cam would work fine, you'll need to use the roller rockers as well. I'd suggest somewhere in the .490" lift - 245 degree @ .050" duration range with 110-112 degree lobe separation (larger engines like wider lobe sep. angle). For this cam however, you'll have to notch the pistons for clearance.

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