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2.8 V6 Swap help: Does hood need to be modified?

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V6 help

OK V6er's I'm considering the transplant. (Got a line on a great preped 2.8) Can I get this in the GT without having to cut the hood? As you can se I have a very custom paint job that I do not want to touch.

Add photos if you can.


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Nice Paint but .....

Fitting a V6 seems to involve lots of cutting of sheet metal and taking the motor in and out to solve clearance issues - see Ron's engine fitting saga!
All this is surely going to stuff up the paint work as it only takes one slip and GOUGE! Carefuly changing in another Opel motor is the best bet you have that nothing wil need cutting - and a built 2.0L CIH motor will give you power to spare ....... with a good one you will outperform 2.8 V6 Mustangs all day anyway!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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