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I recently went to scope out two GTs in Santa Clara, CA. I have no affiliation with the seller... just passing along the info in case somebody's interested.

1970 GT - Orange/Blk, 4spd.
Was wacked in the rear with damage to the tailpanel, rear deck, and both quarters (ouch). Clean interior. It has rot at the ledge inside the passenger fender and visible bondo repair on lower arches/rockers. I don't think this one's originally from CA even though it has smog.

1969 GT - Silver(now white)/Red, auto.
Also hit in the rear but not as badly. The tailpanel was repaired but bondo is obvious. The rest of the car looks straight and rustfree. Serviceable interior.

Both cars supposedly run. I listened to them crank over, but the batteries were flat. The seller also has a stockpile of parts including an extra engine with 4-spd. She wanted $3500 for the whole mess.

Sorry, I didn't have a digital camera on me, but maybe she can send you some pics. Or, I could go back. PM me for her contact info.
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