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For those of you who don't get the Blitz, here are some of the details:

The 22nd annual Picnic & Show will be held on August 10th, starting at 9AM. Location is Huntington Central Park, Huntington Beach, CA. We've been there several times in the past, and its a nice big meadow to park our cars on, along with a large, covered picnic area to take refuge from the sun.

This year we're celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Kadett. The annual T shirt will be black with a red Kadett.
The first 100 people registered will get a vintage Opel key ring. These regularly sell on eBay for around $5.

Cost is :
$15 per person (children under 12 free)
$10 per car entered in the Show
$20 per person for the after-picnic Banquet

The PayPal id for registration is: "[email protected]".

The 'official" hotel is the Comfort Suites in Huntington Beach. Phone:714-841-1812 FAX: 714-841-0214. Our contact person is Cristina Santos. Be sure to mention that you are with the Opel Motorsport Club (OMC doesn't mean anything to them) and request the club rate. The official deadline for the $69.99 rate was yesterday, but you can see if they're flexible.

Some people have asked if you have to be an OMC member to attend the picnic. Absolutely not! This event is about Opels and Opel people, not memberships. Even if you don't think your Opel is show-worthy, bring it anyway. There's plenty of room on the lawn for non-show cars.
Speaking of which, we have four classes in the show: Stock (anything that diverges from the way it left the showroom will cost you points); Intermediate I (your basic Daily Driver class - Webers, stereos, etc, but stock driveline and interior/exterior); Intermediate II (same as above, but with Opel-specific driveline upgrades, such as 2.2s, 2.4s, Getrags, etc); Modified (go nuts, just make sure there's an Opel under there somewhere).
To give you an example, my 2.2L Getrag GT will be moving from Intermediate II to Modified this year, because I added a front air dam (no body mods allowed in the other classes) and I might have time to get the rear spoiler installed. The leather interior is about 3/4 done - I installed the leather spare tire curtain about half an hour ago. :)

Any questions, email me at [email protected]

John Seaman
Editor, OMC Blitz
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