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The Fall 2004 AutoFair at the Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC will be held from September 16th though the 19th. Saturday, September 18th, is the date for the car clubs to show their cars. The Carolina Opel Club will be represented but anyone, from anywhere with an Opel, can come! The club is just the host for our Opels.
If you would like to bring your Opel and show it off with the rest of us and have not let me know, please contact me at [email protected] or 704-782-1866 as soon as possible so I can get the passes out to you. You will receive two free passes to get you and a friend in to the show and a sticker to put on the windshield of you car to be able to get it into the show areas. For the ones that I know are coming, you should receive your passes this week.
For more information on the AutoFair, please go to:http://www.lowesmotorspeedway.com/track_info/car_shows/news/443214.html
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