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2005 Opels on the Lawn

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Part of the Museum of Transportation's German Car Day on June 19, 2005. Located in Brookline, MA.
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What is the location of this event?
Getting Closer

It's almost June. Looking for a good turn out this year we only had 2 Opels show up.

Who is planning to attend?
I'm planning on going.
Does anyone know if there's a registration process or $ per car?
parked on the grass

hoping to make it down to this event, I think that it's close enough to drive down , no trailer

Opels on the lawn, June 19th, 2005

I am a 6 time GT owner without a GT at present. I live in CT, only 2 hours from Brookline, MA. I am going to attend in hopes of finding a GT for sale this Sunday.

Does anyone know what time the event starts, and if there are GT's for sale? (Or just show..)

Thanks in advance,

I checked the web site out it is $10 per car and there is a registeration form there also. According to the web site they normaly run from 10:00am to 3:00pm. It looks like it will be fun...wish I could make it (It will be a great fathers day thing to do with the kids!!)
It is a fun show for Fathers Day. There usually is a great collection of German cars from amphicars to a Gull Wing Mercedes. Great location on the lawn of the museum. Admission fee includes admission to the museum. We really need to have a good Opel turnout so we do not get put into the "other" German category.
It's getting Closer...

The turnout is starting to look good for the New England Opel Club's annual event being held next Sunday from 10:00 to 3:00 at the Museum of Transportation in Brookline, MA. All German cars are welcome. Details and directions are on the MOT website www.mot.org I think the registration starts at 9:00 and judging closes around noon. Registration is $15 which includes museum admission

Tom D. from CT is bringing his GT and his new Manta. I'm bringing my Sportwagon and maybe the GT if I can get a driver. Wayne Torman is coming out of Opel retirement and bringing his 2 GT's. NHopel is getting away from the bikes in Laconia to stop by. Propel is in the Boston area now and may bring his 1.1 GT. 72gt is coming. So we should end up with at least 10 to 15 Opels.
wish i had the bus fare to come over gary i would have been happy to help :D
Gt For Sale??

My main reason for attending next Sunday is to see if I can find a GT for sale. Of course, it's worth the trip just to look. I've had 6 GT's in the past, and have been looking for another for over 2 years now. Do any of you GT owners plan on putting a "FOR SALE" sign on your GT? Or maybe you have a project car or know of one for sale in New England??

There was a '70 GT for sale in Danbury last month (I have contact info) and another in the Hartford area. You never know who or what will show up in Brookline....
Gary, I might make it if I can get reliable transportation there. My daily driver is becoming increasingly unreliable, my backup vehicle has a cracked exhaust manifold, none of my Opels is driveable, and it's a bit too far for bicycling. We'll see if I can borrow a ride. I'd like to make at least one show this year.

Does that mean you are not coming to the OMC Picnic? I am going to owe you a lot of brews!
Gary said:
Propel is in the Boston area now and may bring his 1.1 GT.
Yup, IF I can get the charging problem squared away in time. :( Just installed a new rebuilt alternator yesterday and still no go. Figures the alt in this car is unusual too...even for a 1.1.

Unfortunately, this is the only Opel I have registered here now.
azopelnut said:
Does that mean you are not coming to the OMC Picnic? I am going to owe you a lot of brews!
Nope, no OMC. Not in the budget.

Contact info on Danbury and Hartford CT. GTs

Thanks for the email Gary. Do you still have the contact information on the Danbury and Hartford GT's for sale?

Thanks, Mark
Well, my GT is not up to the task, but I do know of a Brown Ascona in the area that should be making the trip. I have it on good authority that the recent head work has been quite successful, timing is set and a new water pump will be installed tomorrow.
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