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2016 New Years 33rd Anniversary Sale

We thought we would include commonly purchased things that are replaced or upgraded in the Winter months. Many on sale, all in time to have it at your door and taken care of for your Spring Project.

Thinking of you all and eventually we will get to all of the little parts in the colored bins. But first, a good sale on commonly ordered items, all of these worthy of our newest Motto
Better Research
Better Products
Better Prices

#1. New rubber for along the bottom of your rockers, this is the part that fits under the stainless steel and heads outward to the door to keep mud and rain water from getting into the car. This sale just $4.95 per side.

#2. Another number one best seller, Door to Body Rubber. Based on factory Opel NOS original Rubber. This rubber resists kinks, is flexible and has 3 times the glued surface so it will not separate. Everyone loved this so much we have sold 1,250 feet of this Rubber so far. The next batch will be a little more so get yours now for not $46.95 but just $19.95 a side.

#3. One of our best sellers, completely new and improved - GT Rear Pop Out Window Rubber. Definitely an upgrade. Easy install, pre-formed corners. So much better than any product offered to the US before. Super easy fit, super easy install in just minutes. $69.95 on sale now a side. For those of you who wish to add the Pop Out Window option we do sell the Pop Out Window Glass with all three hinges for just $35 a side.

#4. Opel original replacement right and left Mirror sets. Beautiful chrome, very well made, new in box. Once sold for $300 a set, now just $149.95 for both for this special sale.

#5. Another number one seller, fresh ignition upgrade. Spring Renewal Ignition Kit. Nice refreshment for a new year. Includes brass/copper point set, new German Bosch Rotor (very good, most aftermarkets fall short here.) New brass insert distributor cap available in clear, yellow, red and blue.

Also included - Each set Custom tailored, silicone jacket, long lasting, oil soak proof copper core, highest quality ignition wire set. Also available in Red, Blue and Yellow.

Also includes good quality higher heat range spark plug set of four. This should take care of your whole ignition, keeping you sparking all year long into a great Summer for years and beyond.

We are going to do a $99 special on all this ignition stuff and if you want to add the Accufire Electronic Ignition best quality upgrade, just add another $39.95.

#6. Another Spring renewal item most commonly requested 32/36 DGV or DGAV or even 38/DGAS. Complete Carb rebuild kit.

Not any competitors half parts thing, this gives you power valve, needle and seat, accelerator pump all complete with all gaskets, O-rings, Main Gaskets, Brass and Copper Rings, a really great kit.

Also a brand new cleanable, reusable Air Cleaner element, KnN style for that matter, let's just go for all new chrome and all new clips bolts, hardware, element, everything new, 90 degree elbow, sought after often for proper valve cover ventilation and engine pressure equalization that stops oil leaks especially at high RPM.

Currently the best upgrade kit available in the United States. Now a complete all in one carberator fuel upgrade kit for just $99.95. Also includes new fuel filter, specify original three outlet original OEM style, or common current single inlet and outlet type filter. There you go everything done and delivered for one price all in time for your Spring and Summer to go perfectly this next year.

#7. Cooling system, all 1900 engines. Here we go, fix it all during the Winter, have it all at home ready to go for Spring. Another best seller. Opels Unlimited has had a blast all year providing an all new high quality Water Pump.

Featuring thicker overall construction and a larger bearing. Also includes new gasket. Your choice original style new or our heavy duty upgrade.

Also featuring a new fan belt with a great fit and design all fresh rubber, no old stock, for that matter even the lower radiator hose.

New for 1900 only Kadett and GT. Factory form fitted but soft and fresh in production. Antoher option, Upper Radiator Hose, most 1900 engine models, just $19.95 more. Also form fitted and best original quailty. Everything new and perfect.

Top it off with a new thermostat of great quality as well as the gasket too. Special heater hoses available for both GT's and Mantas.

Even the double bend, new from Germany for the Mantas and Asconas during this sale for just $24.95 as an option.

Anyhow this combined sale for this current cooling upgrade kit is also $99.95 for a limited time.

#8. The last New Years special is a few little imports from Germany. For Manta Ascona 1900 71-74 Owners, a brand new NOS Opel upgraded throttle cable complete with safety spring and double shielded housing. A complete part all new and factory Opel. Anyone can install this and no longer worry about gas pedal problems. Great sale just $39.95.

Official Note: This Sale has already started and will go to till the end of January.

This will end Part One of our New Years 33rd Anniversary Sale.

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Is Accu-fire really the "best quality upgrade" for Opels?

Consider some of what is said on Amazon reviews about the EMPI #00-9432-0 by VW owners:

"Not real pleased with this I got it all installed and the motor keeps cutting out and the coil was getting extremely hot so I took it out and put the points back in and it run fine."

"It was bad when I got it. I went back to points."

Even a positive review couldn't entirely endorse these:

"These are great, but we have to change them about 1 time a year"

This is similar to the account of an owner whose Opel didn't run well after installing this kit, who had to take his car to a shop where the mechanic found the module was triggering 15-20 degrees off of where it should. You can read client's warnings about the Accu-Fire by searching online for yourself.

How about some comparative evaluations of air filter kits?

One example is the EMPI #9025 knock-off air filter kit, about $20 as sold for installation specifically on Volkswagens.

The filter is described online as being "generic" in quality, and in person its "chrome" is so flimsy, it bends on contact.

So for purposes of tech discussion, can we ask if it is wise, to advocate installation of non-factory Weber parts of questionable quality, onto our Opels?

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Colored Bins Parts and Prices, Part 2

Colored Bins Parts and Prices, Part 2

#1. Up on top front brake rotors with a factory fit. Cool design with drilled out cooling holes and recessed edge. Also built in dust scrapers. A fun modern day cooler brake system. Just $149 complete kit, both rotors and complete modern pad set too.

#2. On the top, stashed in the Koni box is our best production yet on front curved lens gaskets. No longer a flimsy foam that folds up in to a part you can't fit anywhere anymore. Now a days a better higher density foam is already cut out but left flat and complete waiting for the moment you go to mount it giving it a perfect, solid, long lasting fit. Available for both the inner and outer lens and housing. Now just $6.99 each. You will be impressed.

#3. So here we go, a great seller for all 1.1 engine owners. The little four inch tall hose with the little side Tee. A new item this year. Nice and soft. Fits great into valve cover. No more oil leak or smell. Very popular, back in stock, just $18.95 new.

#4. Next from the top, nice chrome plated double sided replacement hinge set for whole car on Kadett, Ascona, Rallye, Wagon, Sedan, most all Pop-Out rear quarter windows. Now you can really use these every day. No more fear of your windows separating from your hinges. And your car is so much cooler and ventilated. Now just $39.95 for chrome plated set of four.

#5. Next, new rubber puck set for Pop-Out windows to hold hinges. Works on original hinges as well as our new upgrades. Now you can really say we really have every little rubber piece to complete the restoration on our babies. New part from Germany just $6.95 each.

#6. Also from the top shelf, new original rubber paint and fender protectors for all early bumper cars. Here is the part that goes between the outer bumper hold down bolts and the paint job. This works on Mantas, Asconas and Kadetts from 68 to 73. Just $9.95 each.

#7. Also on top shelf, original Opel thumb wheels and spare tire wing nuts for all Ascona 1900 Wagons 71 to 74. Very rare and hard to find. All three types available. $16.95.

#8. Also top row factory black insert plug approximately 1 inch plus for Opel GT Dash. Right hand lower side. $8.99 each.

#9. Second row Opel GT plastic toy box cars. Rolling wheels. Looks like something the factory put out. Available in factory original colors. White, light yellow, dark yellow and even orange. A twenty year old buy-out in Germany, now uncovered again for the first time, while supply lasts. $16.95.

#10. Third row down, Opel GT standard master cylinder kits, fresh batch, nice and soft. Complete, nice kit. Works very well and has been a great seller since the price went down to $14.95.

#11. Same row, rear sway bar poly bushing set. Complete set for all Kadetts, Mantas and Asconas. This kit tightens up the rear sway bar and definitely improves handling right away. You can tell. 8 piece kit comes complete with prothane and special grease tube. $18.95.

#12. Another, Delrin full racing front end bushings. Old school real racing applications, the hard white ones, very rare nowadays. These are for the track only. $24.95 each while supplies last.

#13. Fourth row down. Rear spring lower rubber no squeaking, a great original factory reproduction. Soft and fresh just $14.95.

#14. Next, Upper Spring Main Rubber in soft red poly. No issues here, these are the good ones. Also $14.95 each.

#15. Fourth shelf, Main Front Spring Outer Eye Bushing set with sleeve. Comes with prothane grease tube, metal sleeve and two piece easy install bushing. Also your choice available in red or black. Your choice NOS original rubber vulcanized part or Poly part all in stock just $14.95 each.

#16. Fourth Shelf, right side, those are clutch arm boots, factory Opel part. This fits in the bellhousing where the arm comes through for the clutch fork that the cable hooks up to. This keeps mud water and rust out of your clutch bellhousing area. Definitely a good part to replace with a factory original here. Just $18.95 each.

#17. Fifth and Sixth Shelf down, these are Opel GT/Kadett front control arm bushings. These are for the Upper control arms. A really great part if you want polyurethane. Remember these need to be greased heavily and although inexpensive, it's not the only bushing for the GT and Kadett chassis. Now for this sale, an introductory price of just $4.95 each available in blue or black. These are the softer more giving bushings for street use. Just $4.95 each. Other stiffer hardnesses available too.

#18. Fifth and Sixth shelf, these are Opel GT/Kadett front control arm bushings. These are for Lower control arms. A really great part if you want polyurethane. Remember these need to be greased heavily and although inexpensive, it's not the only bushing for GT and Kadett Chassis. Fits 72-73 desired late model control arms. Also $4.95 each.

#19. Shelf five and six sway bar and link kits both metal and new poly bushings for Addco sway bars. 16 piece kit. Noticeable handling improvements. $38.95

#20. Bottom Shelf left hand side. These are our top notch, number one all time selling bushing. This year alone. Everyone wants that strong vulcanized real rubber already attached to new metal sleeves both inner and outer. A high end cats meow that used to sell for some $30 to $40 each. That is no longer true. Our new production run of these great original OEM style bushings is still going for just $14.95 each. That is for the inner and outer sleeve as well as the bushing.

No squeaking no issues just like the original part when it was new. Just $14.95 each. $59.95 for set of four for all upper or lower control arms. Specify Upper or Lower control arms.

#21. Just to the right. These odd bushings now available in both original black and red are for the rear pan hard rod. That is the bar that goes side to side across the back of the rear end. These have a special hardness and are great for tightening up the side to side play for all Opel model cars, it seems from 68-75. These are a popular seller too and people are glad we sell them individually. Just $9.95 each.

#22. There is also a rear trailing arm bushing set available. Easy install two piece with metal sleeves. Fully grooved, anti-squeak protection built in. A great upgraded set. Does both front and both rear on the trailing arm set. 12 piece kit $99.95.

That should cover most of the commonly sold bushings anyhow that just gives you all an idea of what one little shelf holds in stock for everyone. Not to mention some really good prices on parts that we constantly carry in stock as well as some good prices on things you will never see again.


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